Dear Beings of Light and Love!

Blessings in this Sacred Season, that draws on our deepest  emotions and calls for Transformation!

How is it that we have come to such a unique crossroads in our lives?  Many are suffering greatly,  yet many more see the proverbial silver lining that is tinged with a Golden Hue.

Do you feel as though you have been preparing for this shift during your years of spiritual practice?  Or are you going through each day kicking and screaming, withdrawn or depressed, or in a state of constant consternation of that which is no longer?

We get SO devoted to living our lives,  as we desire them to be;  and then often squeeze the Spiritual Spark out of the very Brilliance of who you REALLY are!

Look around you. See who is there. FEEL with whom you are connecting, and KNOW your evolution as a Supreme Spiritual Being is in process, each moment of your “quarantine.”.  Is this what it took???

How else would you get your mind truly quiet? How else would you focus inwardly to a new level and be at Peace,  without reaching into society. See what you are cleaning out, learning about and experiencing now.  Be deliberately aware!

And then……REMEMBER  when you asked the All That Is to assist you on the journey of your soul development. You are here! Now, totally immerse yourself in the experience and enjoy this journey of pure LOVE!  Many gifts await you all!

Offered in Love, Louise

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