Sometimes our expectations can unintentionally be the block in us that keeps us from seeing the real magic of our experiences. We can get so hung up on what we expect and forget to enjoy the moment of what happens. Keep those expectations in check to the magic of the Universe can take us to a height that we never expected. Much like the Song Lyrics by Chely Wright: “Yes, We Might Fall, But what if We Fly!” Have faith and believe in your path! Your success and your future! It is bright and full of the love that you have been missing in the past. – Cassie Clayton

Cards are from one of my favorite Decks: Messages from Above, created by Tracey Escobar!

1) Expectations – When Our Expectations Outweigh Simple Acceptance, the Outcome is Disappointment

2) Universe – We are In this Universe, Of this Universe, and the Universe Is In Us!

3) Faith – Believe in the Unbelievable

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