Card 1 – Queen of Cups
Deliberate, Caring, Nurturing, Practical, Charming, Big Heart, Honest, Timid, Dreamy, Psychic, Empathetic

The Queen of Cups nurtures intuition and is sensitive to the emotional states of those around her. She helps people get in touch with the subtle currents of the flow of life. She advises on relationships, compromising and accommodation.

Advice: Be in the flow.

Card 2 – Page of Cups
Sweetness, Poetic, Gentle, Kind, Dreamy, Romantic

The Page of Cups asks you to pay attention to dreams and inner voices. Relationships both romantic and social are of importance. The Page of Cups can bring invitations to parties, love letters, and confidential information.

Advice: Allow yourself to enjoy the simple pleasures.

Card 3 – 7 of Cups
Fantasies, Romantic Illusions, Rose Colored Glasses,
Too Many Choices, Confusion

The cup that calls out to you has a message. You are presented with many opportunities and choices. Some are more promising than others. Someone may be withholding pertinent information. You will have to make the decision with your gut rather than all of the facts.

Advice: Pick a trump (randomly if needed), and turn to the card for advice.

Images and messages are from Legacy of the Divine Tarot.
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