Card 1 – Ten of Fire
The Ten of Fire Symbolizes mastery. Not just of a skill or a craft, but of oneself. It means understanding the tools of your craft and wielding them with skill, precision and craftsmanship. It is about knowing yourself, and using that knowledge and understanding to bring to you all that you need and desire, with the same skill, precision, and craftsmanship.

The master illustrated in the Ten of Fire knows how to wield his personal power. He moves with clear intentions, and he acts with the same intent. He is aware of what motivates his behavior and actions, and exhibits complete self-command. He acts with deliberation and with complete awareness of the effect of his actions will have upon himself and his environment. He is not only confident, he is capable, also.

He has evolved from a person who lacked awareness, and perhaps even blamed others for the problems in his life because he was unable to see that every action gives rise to a consequence. He once stumbled about, his, inexperience resulting in more mistakes than triumphs, but he continued, and , in doing so, reached a crucial moment of enlightenment, when he realized that in order to succeed he had to take command of himself and his life. He had to take responsibility for every choice made, for every action, and for every emotion. From that moment on, he would shape his life, he would shape who he was; he would no longer be a slave to outside forces. He would become a master.

If the Ten of Fire appears in your reading, he indicates a time to step up and take charge of your life. It is time to dedicate yourself to the path of the master – not so you can have control over others, but so you can shape your life with skill and confidence.

Card 2 – Destiny
The Destiny card represents the eighth reason for being – to embrace your destiny. Your destiny is twofold. You have a universal destiny and a personal destiny. Your universal destiny is to become whole and connected, to find your centre, to overcome all that destroys your peace, to face your fears, let go of hurts, and love yourself and your life with unreserved delight.

You also have a personal destiny, and that destiny involves seeking and following your bliss. Your destiny is to find and lead a life that has meaning and purpose. But your destiny is not going to be found out there in the world; you must step inside and explore your heart and mind. Your destiny is not predetermined. It is a choice you will make based on your inherent gifts and talents. To meet your destiny, you must first discover and recognize what those gifts and talents are, and then work to use them for the benefit of self and others.

To know you have a destiny, or multiple destinies, can give you a sense of purpose and confidence. It can bring you joy, peace, and fulfillment. However, your journey toward meeting your destiny can be full of obstacles and trials. Like the quests of old, this is your quest, but instead of seeking an intangible “holy grail,” you move towards something tangible and real.

Card 3 – Two of Fire
The Two of Fire represents partnerships, and aligning yourself with another who shares your goals and visions in order to make an idea a reality. It symbolizes a power-sharing situation where two people with mutual interests work together because together they would have if they worked alone.

The Two of Fire represents teamwork and working together in a harmonious way. The division of labour is natural and organic, as each has different but equal strengths that, when brought together, create a stronger and united whole. It signifies an equal exchange of energy, where both parties derive the same reward and satisfaction.

Do you have a goal or outcome you wish to manifest, but cannot accomplish without assistance? When the Two of Fire appears in your reading, it represents an opportunity to work with someone in a collaborative way that may allow you both to make thought a reality. Whether that person comes to you as a mentor who, by working with you, can teach you much-needed skills, or a partner who works with you to halve the workload, your shared vision and mutual interests will help you to overcome the obstacles you have found in your path that may be preventing you from moving forward.

Now is a time for teamwork. In this situation, two heads are better than one, and two pairs of hands will make lighter work.

Images and messages are from Dreams of Gaia Tarot.
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