Card 2 – Activation
Stimulate, Amplify, Trigger. Convert, Willingness, Stasis,
Quantum Shift, Sacred Geometry

What is the most prevalent energy active in your life today? Are you ready for a change? Activation heralds a time of Kundalini movement in the body and great change in your perception. Throughout your life since childhood your Chi energy has moved through your body to activate your endocrine system. Each glandular activation is directly related to the spiritual and emotional elements that the particular gland governs.

The activations we are most aware of take place in the fight-or-flight glands of the pancreas (Islets of Langerhans) and the pituitary gland activated at puberty. These activations can cause major shifts in the central nervous system and the chemistry of the body-in addition to how we perceive, think, and feel.

Embrace each awakening; know you are safe by nurturing yourself with love, understanding, patience, and nutrition.

Card 15 – Earth Element
Nurture, Nature, Growth, Stability, Commitment,
Fundamental, Relationship, Family

The element of the earth is comprised of how we plant, nurture, and watch our seeds grow. It is the cool depth of perception we cultivate to support our desires and choices. The earth contains many properties: metals (of all kinds), minerals and water. The perfect combination of ingredients-in the right measure-is the foundation of growth.

At the moment, what is burgeoning in your life? Is it happiness, a project, a relationship, personal wealth, or fulfilling the needs of others? Take stock of the ingredients you possess and the ones you need in order to realize your creation (try different combinations to see what works best). Don’t worry about wasting time; it’s best spent honoring what you have, and collecting or cultivating what you don’t.

Card 48 – Union
Lovers, Romance, Sexuality, Intermingle, Connection, Intersection

Love’s first connection with a partner is deliciously profound but ultimately fleeting. Romantic sexuality offers an opportunity to cultivate unspoken understanding, but it’s the job of each partner to seize the opportunity. Connecting with others (ideologically, emotionally, spiritually or physically) doesn’t guarantee agreement. However, it can give a deeper understanding of one another-promoting love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Choosing this card today augurs the need for some form of unification relating to your current situation. Allow yourself to meditate on your heart’s desire and what it means if it were to be fulfilled. Remember, relationships with others are the way we learn compassion for ourselves.

Images and messages are from the RAINBOW WARRIOR Activation Deck by Justine Serebrin and Tracee Dunblazier.
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