“It’s just that I am what I am,

and I’m me!” – Peter Pan

Cassie Clayton, Owner of OddEndz, has an extensive background in video production, graphic design, and creating professional websites. Over the years Cassie has branched out to include services such as being an Independent BEMER Distributor, Reiki Master, Crystal Light Grids Creator, and Tarot/Oracle Reader. OddEndz has also partnered with Psychics, Mediums & Tarot Readers to provide remote services. Cassie’s hope is to continue to develop OddEndz & StarGazers Unite into a unique experience for all.

Cassie’s journey into the metaphysical world started about 3.5 years ago! Through that time she has fallen in love with learning about Tarot, Astrology, Healing Modalities and more! Learning to build on and rely on intuition has helped Cassie assist her clients by being able to quickly tap into what will benefit her clients the most.

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