Exploring the Miracles of Life and Beyond

2020 is a year of Growth, Change & Abundance being that the number 2 is about Leadership, Partnership & True Coexistence. During this weekend, you can expect to feel all of the above! Learn Mediumship, Crossing Over & How to Live your Life with Spirit from LOCAL LEADERS in the community! This conference will help you to see the amazing ability you have to grow and experience LIFE for years to come! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience true SOUL GROWTH!

Get the Full Weekend of Fun & Enlightenment for only $295! A $50 deposit holds your space.

With Your Full Weekend Ticket you Receive:

-All Classes & Panel Talks (7 Total)-

** Gift Bag full of Merchandise, Coupons & More Valued at over $100 **

-Participation in Weekend Giveaways-

**Entrance in Special Dinner Giveaway; Gift Valued at $50 – $100**

-Sunday Night Dinner-


Align Your Everyday Life To Your Spiritual And Metaphysical Journey with Tak
Saturday, September 26th from 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
Now you accepted your gift and started your metaphysical journey, are you wondering about the next steps? This workshop will cover the importance of using your everyday activities as a spiritual practice, the process of healing as a part of your metaphysical journey, and several strategies to identify road blocks and obstacles that might prevent you from becoming fully and authentically you and contributing to the Universe with your gift.

Life and Death with Your Soul Family with Gaer Ferrinson
Saturday, September 26th from 12:15-1:30 PM
So what happens after death and are alone beyond our Human Family? Exploring what happens after death can open a whole new level of appreciation to where your Soul is on its journey now. This lecture will encourage speaking openly about death and the afterlife, understanding Soul Family structures, and recognizing how you are currently interacting with this extended Soul Family. By discovering (or rediscovering) who you are in your Soul Family, you will learn there’s much more to your human experience beyond life and death.

The Mechanics of Mediumship with Tracey Escobar
Saturday, September 26th from 2:45 – 4:00 PM
In this class we will break down the mechanics of mediumship. You will learn exactly how it works and how we get information from loved ones in the spirit world. I will take you through the basics of spirit communication. You will learn how to expand your awareness, how to distinguish your own imagination from the impressions from spirit, how to piece the puzzle of information you get together, and what the four major aspects of a mediumship reading are. We will break it all down in an easy to learn format that will be sure to lay a solid foundation to your mediumship journey. This is the perfect class for all levels from just curious, to beginner, to more advanced. The key is learning HOW it works in order recognize your own gift.

If Only the World Were Made of Quartz with Terri Groom
Sunday, September 27th from 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM
“How to live peacefully in a world full of negativity. Practicing the Art of Calm in moments of Chaos.”
So often we find ourselves caught in a cycle of what we refer to as, “Bad Luck.” Lost in the sea of, “What ifs.” This class is designed to take you from this fear-thinking path and guide you into your own power. The power that comes from direct communication with your guides, your spiritual team and your higher self. With simple techniques we can tap into the vastness and wonder of our creation and use it to expand our awareness of manifesting, connecting, creating, loving and BEING. -better an oops than a what if- (anonymous)

Shamanic Journey with Neil
Sunday, September 27th from 12:15 – 1:30 PM
LOWER WORLD: Meet and develop YOUR relationship with your Power Animals & Spirit Guides, meet and release the “wounded child” and gather any Soul Fragments
MIDDLE WORLD: Meet and develop a relationship with Earth Elementals, Spirit People, 4 Earth elements, the Moon & The Stars
UPPER WORLD: Meet and develop a relationship with your Master Guides; Encounter your Power Animals, Spirit Guides, Guardian Spirits and Master Teachers; Shamanic Journeys can be undertaken for purposes of Divination, Healing, Ancestral, & Restoring Balance to name just a few.


Sep 25 2020 - Sep 27 2020


All Day


Miracles of Joy
701 S Old Orchard Ln, Ste C, Lewisville, Texas 75067

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