Interplay of All Matter with Robyn Slagle

Full Weekend Workshop – 12:00pm-6:00pm both days

Interplay is a way to describe the connection within your energy fields, between people, places, emotions, and spirit. Learn how to recognize, understand, and change the way you work with interplay.

Create a broader awareness in the conscious state.

Program Highlights:
*Matter: What’s the matter? (The expression of matter)
*Memory: Blueprints, Containers, Clearing and Activation
*Basic Laws of Interplay: Cooperating with the laws
*Disentanglement or Rewiring: Making Changes in the Cognitive and Neuro Pathways
*Compassion and Neutrality: For All Matters
*Divination Methods: Making Sense of it All

$200.00 for full week-end
Saturday and Sunday, noon-6pm.


Jun 27 2020 - Jun 28 2020


All Day


Miracles of Joy
701 S Old Orchard Ln, Ste C, Lewisville, Texas 75067

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