My whole life I’ve always been intuitive and empathic. When I was very young I had several experiences with the Spirit people, however, I was told they were in my imagination and ended up shutting my gifts down. It wasn’t until later in life at the age of 27 that the door to my gifts was flown open. I had dealt with debilitating depression and anxiety from the age of 20 and finally got to a point to were I simply couldn’t take it anymore after 7 years of dealing with the depression and anxiety. By this point, I had gotten addicted to pain medication from a back injury and anti-anxiety medication and of course anti-depressants. I began to feel like I had nothing to live for. As I contemplated suicide is when the Spirit world came to me in full force. My grandmother on my mom’s side who had passed into Spirit way before I was born came to me. She showed me what would happen to those around me if I went through with what I was thinking, and then she also showed me all the people I’d help with my gifts if I were to stay. So obviously I decided to stay and fulfill my life’s purpose. Since this point, I’ve been able to hear, see, feel, and know the Spirit World. After receiving my connection to the Spirit World I’d never want to go without it. They guide me in just about every area of my life. Not to mention the people here in this world I’m able to help by connecting them to their loved ones on the Other Side. I have found that not only does the work I do heal others, it also heals me. The Spirit World saved my life and gave me a true purpose. So when I tell people what an honor it is to do this work and help connect them to their loved ones in Spirit I truly do mean it’s an honor. So if you’re grieving or have lost a loved one and need to hear from them please reach out to me. I’d love to help in any way that I can!!!

Mediumship Reading – During this session Clayton will connect to you loved ones in Spirit. He will ask that the Spirit Communicator give specific evidence about who they were here in the physical world. Clayton will also ask for things that they’ve been apart of in your life to validate they’re not missing out. This session can be done over zoom or In-Person. All readings done via zoom will be recorded and a copy will be given to you.

Tarot/ Psychic/Medical Intuition Reading – In this session I use the Tarot and Oracle cards along with my Spirit Team to answer all of your questions. For this service please have 4-5 questions/areas in your life you’d like more insight into.

USUI REIKI Healing Session – In this session I will send the Devine energy into the recipient for their highest and best good! Asking that healing be granted on all levels!!! Reiki is an energetic healing modality where the practitioner places there hands on or near you while they channel the Devine life force energy back into your energetic body. Reiki can both be healing on the mental and Spiritual level in also can heal at the physical level as well. Check out this service you won’t regret it!!! Ask about Reiki for animals and your furry family.

This session can be done over Skype, Facetime, or FB Messenger.

Mediumship Readings – $150/45-60 Minutes

Tarot/ Psychic/Medical Intuition Reading – $120/60 Minutes | $60/30 Minutes

USUI REIKI Healing Session $75/45 minutes

*After Payment you will be put in contact with Clayton via email to book your session. No refunds once a session has been scheduled and paid for.

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