The Transitional Doula provides support and mentoring for individuals facing life transitions such as spiritual awakening, death, divorce, career change, or retirement with intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides. Most of my work focuses on Soul Integration for Starseeds. We will work together to calm your fears, identify stressors, and develop a plan of attack for addressing the hurdles you’re currently facing to enable you to embrace your authenticity.

Psychic Mediumship Reading – Let’s tap into what your Spirit Team and Universe need you to know!

Starseed SerenityTM – Calling all Starseeds…this is the energy modality you’ve been missing! Let me tune in to one of your past-life suns to channel its healing energies to your current incarnation.

Futhorc Runes Reading – See what the Universe wants you to know with a Futhorc Runes Reading.

Lenormand Readings – Check in with what Spirit needs to you know with either a 30 minute or 60 minute Lenormand session.

Runic Healing – Benefit from the healing properties of Futhorc Runes!

Reiki Session – Intelligent, Universal healing energies are waiting for you!


Sessions available by phone or Skype.

Psychic/Mediumship Reading – $100/60 minutes | $50/30 minutes

Starseed SerenityTM – $100/60 minutes | $50/30 minutes

Futhorc Runes Reading – $100/60 minutes | $50/30 minutes

Lenormand – $100/60 minutes | $50/30 minutes

Runic Healing – $100/60 minutes | $50/30 minutes


*After Payment you will be put in contact with Gaer via email to book your session. No refunds once a session has been scheduled and paid for.

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