I am Jazmine the Psychic Medium. So, how did a young women become a professional psychic medium? Looking back it is obvious that I have been having experiences all my life. It wasn’t until I was about 18 that I couldn’t deny them. At the time though, I thought I was just crazy or it was my anxiety. I grew up in what society would deem a “normal” household. My siblings and I were in sports. My parents were together until I was 17. I was a social butterfly getting ready to leave high school. Then on May 10, 2009 my best friend Kara Taylor was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a tollway (Highway). From that moment on I became severely depressed and suffered with great anxiety. There were moments where I thought I was losing my mind because I could feel her so strongly. There were times where I had to scream from sadness because I would see her sitting in my spare bed in my room. I was so confused to why I could feel her and no one else could. That led me to drugs and alcohol because I was trying to run away from the things I felt and saw. Well, one day my mom decided she would take me to see a psychic. She thought it could help begin my healing after so many years. Little did she know, that day would change the course of my life. The wonderful psychic I had went to let me know that I had the ability to become a professional in the metaphysical world. In my head all I thought was that I would be able to talk to my best friend. I was down to try it. I started going to classes, meditating and everything came so natural for me. I started to practice on my friends and it would make me so happy doing it. I then decided to take the Lisa Williams International school of spiritual development- level 3 psychic/mediumship. Once I was certified as an advanced Psychic Medium through extensive training is when I realized this is what I wanted to do forever.The healing I am able to see through this work is something greater than anyone could ever give me and I am blessed to be able to do it.

Mediumship Reading – Jazmine will connect to the world of spirit. Normally, connections with Spirit are very personal and emotional at times and should be valued. There is no guarantee that a specific spirit will show up but if not Jazmine will explain why.

Psychic Reading – Jazmine will connect with your energy and give psychic guidance on things like work, home, relationships, legal and health. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Hybrid (Psychic/Mediumship) Reading – Jazmine will both connect to the Spirit World as well as look into the areas of your life you might have questions on. There is no guarantee that a specific spirit will show up but if not Jazmine will explain why.

Angel Card Reading – Via Email- I will give you a detailed 10 card Angel reading. You may ask a question or just ask for a general Angel reading.

Readings available by phone or Skype.

$150/60 minutes | $75/30 minutes | $60/Angel Card Reading

*After Payment you will be put in contact with Jazmine via email to book your session. No refunds once a session has been scheduled and paid for.`

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