My experience with spirit began with the knowing, the seeing and lucid dreams which was heightened during my early 20’s.  I brushed it all away as coincidence.  Years later, I experienced an unexpected major event in my life that changed my world as I knew it. I was ignoring messages from my guides, angels and universe and finally one day I started to listen and believe. I decided to reach out to others in the spiritual and metaphysical field to find answers. I then began my soul journey to find what it meant to have inner peace with myself and helping others to find themselves.  Mind, Body and Soul.I have completed many spiritual development courses with several respected professionals in my area.  I also attend many workshops for continued growth and knowledge in the metaphysical field. There is always something to learn that we can teach others. I have certifications in Zero to Psychic, multiple Mediumship workshops, Reiki 1, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and Crystal Healing.

Medium, Channeler, Intuitive – By connecting with beings and energies in the spiritual world, including spirit guides and angels, I can help you gain inner peace and increased spiritual awareness. My readings are spiritual in nature, because they create a bridge between our world and the spiritual realm. I am an Evidental Medium that can communicate with spirits by thought. Spirit will use many different approaches to get a message to me. I channel and receive messages through several Clair blends (senses). Many times I see past loved ones physical characteristics, personality, and interests to name a few.

Modalities and Psychic Readings – I can integrate several different modalities during your psychic reading. A few include intuitive charm reading, tarot, oracle cards, psychometry and crystals. My intent is to be a clear channel to deliver messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels and Universe for your highest and greatest good as you develop your soul journey.

Readings available by phone.

Intuitive Reading – $50/30 Minutes | Psychic Reading – $50/30 Minutes | Charm Reading – $50/30 Minutes | Tarot/Oracle Card Reading – $50/30 Minutes | Psychometry Reading – $50/30 Minutes | Crystal Reading – $50/30 Minutes | Mediumship Reading – $50/30 Minutes


*After Payment you will be put in contact with Lisa via email to book your session. No refunds once a session has been scheduled and paid for.

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