OddEndz has partnered with some of the best Psychics, Mediums, Tarot/Oracle Readers, & Energy Healers to provide remote readings & healings to our clients! Each of these gifted individuals has been hand selected and are well known within the metaphysical community for their accuracy, confidentiality and integrity!


Tracey is a professional psychic medium. She comes from a long line of gifted women in her family. At the age of 19, personal tragedy struck with the sudden loss of her father. That event sent her on her course of helping others heal. She has dedicated her career to the study of mediumship. Tracey is a Certified Advanced Psychic Medium with Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. She has studied abroad at the world renown spiritualist college, Arthur Findlay College. Tracey is the author and creator of “Messages from Above” oracle card deck as well as “Breaking Down the Blocks” healing workshop. Tracey can provide you with hope, healing, and guidance in the areas of career, relationships, finance, and health as well as connect you with your loved ones on the other side.

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Jazmine Escobar

I am Jazmine the Psychic Medium. So, how did a young women become a professional psychic medium? Looking back it is obvious that I have been having experiences all my life. It wasn’t until I was about 18 that I couldn’t deny them. At the time though, I thought I was just crazy or it was my anxiety. I grew up in what society would deem a “normal” household. My siblings and I were in sports. My parents were together until I was 17. I was a social butterfly getting ready to leave high school. Then on May 10, 2009 my best friend Kara Taylor was killed by a drunk driver going the wrong way on a tollway (Highway). From that moment on I became severely depressed and suffered with great anxiety. There were moments where I thought I was losing my mind because I could feel her so strongly. There were times where I had to scream from sadness because I would see her sitting in my spare bed in my room. I was so confused to why I could feel her and no one else could. That led me to drugs and alcohol because I was trying to run away from the things I felt and saw. Well, one day my mom decided she would take me to see a psychic. She thought it could help begin my healing after so many years. Little did she know, that day would change the course of my life. The wonderful psychic I had went to let me know that I had the ability to become a professional in the metaphysical world. In my head all I thought was that I would be able to talk to my best friend. I was down to try it. I started going to classes, meditating and everything came so natural for me. I started to practice on my friends and it would make me so happy doing it. I then decided to take the Lisa Williams International school of spiritual development- level 3 psychic/mediumship. Once I was certified as an advanced Psychic Medium through extensive training is when I realized this is what I wanted to do forever.The healing I am able to see through this work is something greater than anyone could ever give me and I am blessed to be able to do it.

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​Chuck Murphy – is the Founder of The Spiritual Fitness Center in Dallas Texas, established in 2002,  Author of the “ZERO To Psychic” Development Course, an Ordained International Metaphysical Ministry Minister, Sr. Minister at Spiritual Journey’s of Richardson, and a Veteran of over 6000 Psychic and Mediumship Sessions. He has over 14 years of Experience teaching others to Live in The Flow of Divine Providence and Experience the Love and Guidance of Spirit. Chuck’s goal is to help each person realize the true Beauty of their Life and their Unique Place in this Universe.

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Everybody has a chosen a pathway that is taken in their lifetime. Each stepping stone should be celebrated that brings joy, love, learning, growing, despair, and even tragedy. God gives each us the free will to choose which stepping stones that we experience during a lifetime. Michelle has always chosen a career that has helped others heal in different situations. Her intuition blossomed in her 20’s and visitations from the spirit world began to increase. Wanting to understand what was happening, she enrolled in different psychic classes. As she embraced her spiritual growth, she was able to use these skills to help special needs families. Her journey to becoming a professional spiritualist began when she retired from education. On the next stepping stone, Michelle is able to show others her authentic-self as a psychic, medium, healer, and a spirit artist. Her goal is to use the gifts that God has given her to help guide others through their pathway to spiritual insight and to spiritual healing.​

​Michelle is known for her powerful gift of spirit art. She will draw the image of your loved one during your medium reading with her. She also creates colorful and specific Auragraph storyboards in her psychic readings. Whether you are receiving a medium or psychic reading, you will not only leave with clarity but with an art piece that will memorialize your experience.

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Jen is an Intuitive Energy Healer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach helping women free themselves of emotional pain to create an empowered life they love!

I began learning about energy healing, starting as a Reiki Master, than a Master Teacher. I also became a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach and have taken many other trainings and certifications over the years that I could list, but you’d be bored!! These classes, have helped me to help my clients, but they’re not the main reason I am an effective coach and healer. I have innate healing gifts that I bring forth in every session, so not one session with me is the same.I let my guidance lead me to what areas are most important to address in a session with you. Each meeting is unique and personally customized as to what’s going on in your life, emotions, mental state and body at that time.

Some common issues we address in session include: – Self-judgment, such feeling like you’re not doing enough. – Often wishing things were different. – Fear of moving into what you really want. – Feeling consistent anxiety or stress, even if it’s low levels, it tends to be constant. – Feeling overwhelmed by life and sometimes just want to give up.

Clients who benefit most from sessions or classes with me: – Have tendency towards being sensitive to emotions of others and outside influences (often labeled an empath). – Have tried traditional therapy with minimal results. – Want to create healthy boundaries in their relationships. – Have been drawn to spirituality, meditation or alternative healing. – Would like to create and feel more peace and flow in life. – Tend to just “know” things and have heighten perceptions and intuitions. – Resonate with law of attraction, but don’t know what blocks you from creation. – Would like to heal and release negative emotions and baggage to create a clean slate.

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My whole life I’ve always been intuitive and empathic. When I was very young I had several experiences with the Spirit people, however, I was told they were in my imagination and ended up shutting my gifts down. It wasn’t until later in life at the age of 27 that the door to my gifts was flown open. I had dealt with debilitating depression and anxiety from the age of 20 and finally got to a point to were I simply couldn’t take it anymore after 7 years of dealing with the depression and anxiety. By this point, I had gotten addicted to pain medication from a back injury and anti-anxiety medication and of course anti-depressants. I began to feel like I had nothing to live for. As I contemplated suicide is when the Spirit world came to me in full force. My grandmother on my mom’s side who had passed into Spirit way before I was born came to me. She showed me what would happen to those around me if I went through with what I was thinking, and then she also showed me all the people I’d help with my gifts if I were to stay. So obviously I decided to stay and fulfill my life’s purpose. Since this point, I’ve been able to hear, see, feel, and know the Spirit World. After receiving my connection to the Spirit World I’d never want to go without it. They guide me in just about every area of my life. Not to mention the people here in this world I’m able to help by connecting them to their loved ones on the Other Side. I have found that not only does the work I do heal others, it also heals me. The Spirit World saved my life and gave me a true purpose. So when I tell people what an honor it is to do this work and help connect them to their loved ones in Spirit I truly do mean it’s an honor. So if you’re grieving or have lost a loved one and need to hear from them please reach out to me. I’d love to help in any way that I can!!!

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The Transitional Doula provides support and mentoring for individuals facing life transitions such as spiritual awakening, death, divorce, career change, or retirement with intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides. Most of my work focuses on Soul Integration for Starseeds. We will work together to calm your fears, identify stressors, and develop a plan of attack for addressing the hurdles you’re currently facing to enable you to embrace your authenticity.

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Micki has been doing Astrology, Tarot, and Lithomancy professionally since 1979 after she saw her own house fire and knew the only escape route for her and her family.

Combining her spiritual insights and her non-judgmental manner. she gives accurate readings face to face, email or by phone. Her intuition offers guidance by seeing new opportunities, assisting in releasing old limiting and self-sabotaging patterns   Clients agree that her encouragement has allowed them to accept new challenges with grace.

When you have a reading with Micki, she will touch on all areas of your life, answer your questions. Years of experience prove that the detailed and highly accurate reading will open new pathways to the areas most needed.

Areas Covered Include – Love and Relationships, Targeting Guidance for Future Goals, Career: New Opportunities and Promotions, Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Astrology | Tarot | Planetary Lithomancy | Relationships


I am an Intuitive and Pure Medium as well as a Medical Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Trance Healer and Life Coach.  I utilize Clair Senses as well as pure channeling. I have assisted on missing persons cases over the years, re-uniting families with loved ones as well as with lost pets.  I am also a paranormal investigator, working with spirit to help restore balance and harmony in homes troubled with unwanted energy. Another passion of mine is writing. I am a writer under the pen name of A. Tacked. My book is entitled, “Altered Grace.” I have been featured on Netflix, Season One, “Haunted.” Please remember, life is your greatest adventure. Do not be afraid to live, laugh and believe.

Medical Intuitive | Animal Communicator | Trance Healer


As a practicing astrologer with over 26 years experience casting and reading natal charts, my readings now incorporate an added layer of insight as we are now able to discuss your life experience in terms of which Chakras may be supported or challenged.

The birthchart is your unique life-story – complete with gifts, challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. An astrological reading is designed to help you see yourself and your life situations in a way which you may not have looked at before and yet comes as no surprise. I believe we all “know” who we are and why we are here. Sometimes this knowledge is buried under layers of cultural and parental conditioning, fears and habits, or simply been ignored or forgotten.

As an Astrologer, I simply help you see yourself in a clear, unbiased, non-judgmental light, allowing you to be more confident and comfortable in your life and accepting of yourself (and others).

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I read Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand and Spirit Animal Cards for insights, intuitions and guidance from the spiritual realm for the clients highest good.  I ask my spirit guides, the clients spirit guides and the clients angels and ancestors and ascended masters to be present for protection and for clear messages.  I disclose fully to the client what I see in the cards. Any intuitions or messages that come through to me I share candidly. If our session reveals clients self sabotaging or simply working against yourself;  whatever the cards show me I share that with you AND I frequently give “homework”.“Homework” is a step by step process specific to your path to empower yourself beyond any loop you have been stuck in so the investment you make in yourself today by purchasing a session with me gains you long term rewards and growth.~Namaste~

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My experience with spirit began with the knowing, the seeing and lucid dreams which was heightened during my early 20’s.  I brushed it all away as coincidence.  Years later, I experienced an unexpected major event in my life that changed my world as I knew it. I was ignoring messages from my guides, angels and universe and finally one day I started to listen and believe. I decided to reach out to others in the spiritual and metaphysical field to find answers. I then began my soul journey to find what it meant to have inner peace with myself and helping others to find themselves.  Mind, Body and Soul.I have completed many spiritual development courses with several respected professionals in my area.  I also attend many workshops for continued growth and knowledge in the metaphysical field. There is always something to learn that we can teach others. I have certifications in Zero to Psychic, multiple Mediumship workshops, Reiki 1, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and Crystal Healing.

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Tanner is a Hawaiian born and Texas raised psychic. She comes from a family lineage of psychics and healers and is fueled by her gypsy soul. She has done one on one sessions with a renowned medium who works with the justice system solving open cases and cold cases. Together they have brought answers and closure to many people across the US. Her Specialty is channeling your current energy along with your spirit guides to help you find answers and guidance as she walks you through a visual meditation. She has the keen ability to interpret messages in the form of dreams, colors, and other symbols by connecting to Fairy and Goddess energy.

Let Tanner help you find the answers and guidance you need today!

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Arthur has been reading the Tarot professionally for about ten years and loves helping his clients find their way through the cards.

Arthur’s reading style is different than most as he uses all of the talents he has to connect (to the universe, guides, angels, whatever you want to call it) and bring across the messages that his clients are supposed to hear at that time.

Tarot | Psychic | Distant Reiki Healing


Robyn uses a number of energy healing modalities to clear physical and emotional congestion. Some of her modalities include Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Light Language and Divine Intervention (a healing modality passed down from a Mayan Lineage). She uses these to assist you in clearing non-beneficial energy in the physical and subtle body. This subtle work can be used on anyone of any age or physical health. Robyn enjoys sharing her experience and teaching others how to help themselves and, in turn, help more people.

Areas Covered: Maintain balance, Increase choice for creative power, Stabilize communication, Vital healing, Connection of ideas, Gathering of clarity , Direction of focus, Relaxation and flow

Light Language Grids | Distant Healings

Emma & Tina

Emma and Tina’s journey started when they had chronic pain and illness that was incurable with western medicine. They decided to take over their own health and have been learning alternative therapies ever since. They are pleased to say that they are 100% pain and illness free. They partnered together to share their knowledge, experience and healing modalities with you.

Emma and Tina’s passion is to inspire and empower people to take action in their lives. They provide a haven for personal healing, growth and discovery. When their clients leave they feel nourished and rejuvenated. The greatest feeling for Emma and Tina is when someone says because of them they shine a little brighter.

Tina : Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master, Trinity Energy Practitioner, Stellar Gateway Energy Healer, SoulTopia Crystal Healer and Tuning Forks Practitioner.

Emma : Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki Master, Trinity Energy Practitioner, Stellar Gateway Energy Healer, SoulTopia Crystal Healer and Tuning Forks Practitioner.

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